Class & Fee Schedule for 2016-17

Weekday School Brochure for 2016-2017 (printable PDF format)

Infants, Toddler, and Transitioners: 
These three classes are offered each weekday morning.  Children may attend two to five mornings depending on availability.  Daily capacity: infants-6; toddlers-8; transitioners-10.

# Days Attending

9 am-12 pm or

2 - 5 days $165 - 320






Twos, Threes, Fours, and Fives (by August 31): 
These classes meet on specific days each week.

Age Group

Days Attending

9 am-12 pm or
9 am-1 pm

2 yrs Mon/Wed $165 - 375
3, 4, or 5 days
3 yrs Mon/Wed/Fri $195 - 315
4 yrs
 (9am - 1 pm)
Mon-Thur $275 - 305

5 yrs
(9 am - 1 pm)

Mon-Fri $335








How to Enroll your child in Weekday School at FBC:

To enroll in First Baptist Weekday School, you will need to fill out the required Registration Forms and mail or bring it by the Weekday School office along with your $75 per child enrollment fee.  Checks made payable to First Baptist Church.

First Baptist mailing address is: 1000 West Friendly Avenue, Attn: Ginny Carpenter, Greensboro, NC, 27401

Weekday School Location: The school entrance and Director's Office are located on the first level of the east wing of the FBC facility on the corner of Mendenhall Street and Guilford Avenue.  There is a covered entrance designated by a "red" door that marks the Weekday School entrance.  To schedule an appointment, please contact Ginny Carpenter, 274-3286, x240 or email Ginny. 

Registration Forms:

Registration for the next school year begins in January each year.  For initial enrollment and returning students to register, please submit the following forms:

Medical Report:

There are two forms that make up the Medical report - the Medical History which is completed by the parent or guardian and the Physical Exam report which is completed by a licensed physician.  Both forms are required for students who are enrolling for the first time in our Weekday School program.  These forms are only required for the initial enrollment and not subsequent years in the program as we will keep this in their permanent file during the years of enrollment in the Weekday School.  These forms are due within one month following the child's approved enrollment in our school.

Immunization Records

We must have on record the current immunization record of every child in our program.  Please submit a current immunization record each year within the first month of enrollment.  Any child who receives additional immunizations during the school year should present an updated record documenting these additions.