Missions: WE Shelter / Encourager

(flexible hours, ideal would be 6 am – 7:45 am)

  • 1-2 women
  • Background Check required
  1. Come to the shelter and call the staff as you enter the parking lot, or ring the doorbell.
  2. Sign in the volunteer book and get a nametag.
  3. Check with the staff persons on duty for special instructions.
  4. Prepare coffee table, number and set out breakfast bags, monitor kitchen use and talk with residents.
  5. Remind residents to check the board for activities sign-up.  Encourage the residents to be out of sleeping areas and bathroom by 7 am.
  6. After the residents leave, wipe down doorknobs with disinfecting wipes.
  7. Staff may ask you to strip the bed of a resident who is not returning. Start any linen in the laundry room.
Last Published: November 18, 2013 4:28 PM