Missions: WE Shelter / Greeter

GREETERS:  5:30-7:30 pm

  • 1 female required
  • 2nd person optional, can be male
  • Background Check required

Description: Greeters welcome the residents and check them in each evening at the door of the shelter.  One greeter must stay at the table at all times. The other greeter may leave to assist in other parts of the building after most of the residents have arrived.

  1. Arrive by 5:30 pm and report to the staff office.  (Whenever possible, lock your belongings in your car trunk.)  Each hospitality volunteer and other church leaders who are present will have a key to the locked storage for volunteer belongings.  
  2. Pick up the greeter toolbox.  Inside you will find the resident notebook, volunteer sign-in book, nametag materials, the container for weapons, adequate markers and pencils, and a sheet listing any announcements if necessary for that evening.
  3. Ask staff if there are any new residents expected. 
  4. Go to the greeter table at the entrance to the shelter. Lay out the volunteer sign-in book and prepare your nametag (name written on card to be slid into lanyard.) Sign your time of arrival in the volunteer book.


(can use paper sacks, Ziploc bags, small tote bags, etc.)

  1. Check with your church leader to see how many residents are in the shelter this week.
  2. Deliver bags to the shelter between 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. on the night before the bags are to be used; i.e.:  deliver Monday night for Tuesday morning. Address for the shelter is 1807 E. Wendover, between Hwy 29 and English St. 
  3. Due to limited space in the refrigerator, not all bags will be refrigerated. Please pack the items which need refrigeration in one bag and be sure they are placed in the refrigerator when you deliver the bags. The bags (with items that do not need to be refrigerated inside) should be placed in a designated location. The following morning, a staff member will add refrigerated items to the bags before they are distributed.

Please do not put religious material in the bags.  You may pack that separately and it will be laid out on the table for residents to choose if they want. If you have questions talk with the staff on duty.

Last Published: November 18, 2013 4:21 PM