Missions: WE Shelter / Hospitality


  • 5:30-9:30 pm
  • 2 Women
  • Background Check required

Description:  Hospitality volunteers assist with a variety of duties during the evening, including welcoming new residents (with supplies, personal items, tour and bed assignment), making coffee to welcome the returning residents, monitoring laundry and talking with residents.  Job descriptions are detailed and staff is always available in the building.

  1. Arrive at 5:30 p.m. and go to the office to report to the staff on duty.  Get keys for the volunteer locked storage and other storage areas.  Ask the staff for the number of residents expected in the shelter that night.
  2. As soon as they are available at the greeter table, get a name tag.  Sign in at the volunteer book. 
  3. The staff may have a specific need which must be done first, otherwise follow the list below.  Always check with the staff on duty or your church leader if you have a question or need assistance.
  4. Make the coffee and get the table set up so the residents can have coffee when they arrive.
  5. During the time when most of the residents arrive, stay near the greeter table to welcome any new resident or take a message to the staff.
  6. When you meet a new resident, check in with the staff to see when they will do new intake. Before or after her intake, give her personal supplies and clothing. Give her a brief tour of the shelter and make sure she has linens on her bed. Tell her what time supper is, and where.
  7. This year we will only have one washer and one dryer. The washer can only be used for shelter linens.  (On a rare occasion the staff may need you to help a new resident wash her clothes if she has nothing else to wear except what she has on when she is admitted to the shelter.)
    1. Check the laundry room and take care of any linens which may be in the washer/dryer or that still need to be washed, dried or folded and put away.
    2. This task may need to be done throughout the evening depending on the bed linens which need to be washed overnight.
  8. Welcome the persons providing the meal and ask if they have any needs.
  9. Eat with the residents whenever possible, sitting with different persons each time you eat.
  10. Get additional personal items or cleaning supplies for residents.  If you are unsure about a resident’s request, ask staff.
  11. Check the chore list and encourage women to do their chores, but do not nag them.
  12. Check the supply of prepared personal hygiene bags, plastic containers, etc.  Whenever possible, enlist other volunteers or residents to make the bags. Instructions for preparation are posted in the supply closet.
  13. When we are running low on something, write it on the “supplies needed” clipboard in the office, along with your name and the date.
  14. If someone comes to make a donation, help them find the staff person if that person is available.  If not, fill out a donation record (office clipboard) and graciously accept the donation.  If you have time, put the donation items where they go.  If not, put them neatly in the office.
  15. Notify the staff person when you leave for the evening and sign out in the volunteer notebook.
  16. Be sure to leave your name tag in the box for next time!
Last Published: November 18, 2013 4:41 PM