Every Sunday we record our 10:30 am Worship service.  The sermon/service is provided in several ways:

  • Audio file: MP3 format (you will need MP3 capable player to listen to the file) - Click audio to listen
  • You may purchase a CD of the full worship service through our Music/Worship office.  The cost per CD is $3.00. Email Music & Worship Office  or  336.274.3286, x239.

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Date Sermon Title Speaker Scripture Text Click to Listen
11.29.2015 Advent I - Songs of the Season: The Servant's Song Sherouse Matthew 5.14-16 Audio
11.22.2015 Discernment: Community Sherouse from Acts 15 Audio
11.15.2015 Discernment: Word Sherouse from Acts 15 Audio
11.8.2015 Discernment: Spirit Sherouse from Acts 15 Audio
11.1.2015 Sermon: Choose Life
Requiem For the Living: Sanctus
Sanctus by the Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra
John 11.32-44 Sermon
10.25.2015 On The Way: Uncloaked Sherouse Mark 10.46-52 Audio
10.18.2015 On The Way: Downward Mobility Sherouse Isaiah 53.4-9, 12 & Mark 10.35-45 Audio
10.11.2015 Are We The Innkeeper? Priddy Luke 10.25-37 Audio
10.4.2015 On The Way: Let The Children Come Sherouse Mark 10.13-16 Audio
9.27.2015 On The Way: Keeping Balance Sherouse Mark 9.38-50 Audio
9.20.2015 On The Way: Servant Of All Sherouse Mark 9.30-37 Audio
9.13.2015 On The Way: Take Up Your Cross Sherouse Mark 8.27-38 Audio
9.6.2015 One Life: Paul Sherouse Luke 9.1-9 Audio
8.30.2015 One Life: Matthias Sherouse Acts 1.15-26 Audio
8.23.2015 One Life: Mary and Martha Sherouse Luke 10.28-42 Audio
8.16.2015 One Life: The Rich Young Man Cothran, Gill Harrington, Priddy, Sumerel Mark 10.17-22 Audio
8.9.2015 One Life: The Disciples Sherouse Mark 1.16-20 Audio
8.2.2015 One Life: Mary Sherouse Luke 1.26-38 Audio
7.26.2015 One Life: Samuel Sherouse 1 Samuel.1-10 Audio
7.19.2015 One Life: Esther Sherouse Esther 4.13-17 Audio
7.12.2015 One Life: Moses Sherouse Exodus Ch 3-4 Audio
7.5.2015 One Life: Abraham & Sarah Sherouse with Anna Stephens and Cassie Starnes Genesis 12.1-9 Audio
6.28.2015   Messiah Interrupted Sherouse Mark 5.21-43 Audio
6.21.2015 What's In The Water Sherouse Mark 4.35-41 Audio
6.14.2015 I Planted a Seed Sherouse Mark 4.26-34 Audio
6.7.2015 At the Table: Blessed and Broken
At the Table: Given
King & Starnes, Sherouse I Corinthians 11.23-26 King(video)
5.31.2015 Trinity Sunday: Together in Love Sherouse John 3.1-17 Audio
5.24.2015 Pentecost Sunday: The Church in the Streets Sherouse   Audio
5.17.2015 Ascension Sunday Meditation Sherouse   Audio
5.10.2015 Sign of Life: Love Sherouse I John 5.1-6; John 15.9-17 Audio
5.3.2015 Signs of Life: Home Sherouse I John 4.7-21; John 15.1-8 Audio
4.26.2015 Signs of Life: Action Sherouse I John 3:16-24 Audio
4.19.2015 Signs of Life: Wounds Sherouse I John 3.1-7 Audio
4.12.2015 Locked Doors Cardwell John 20.19-31 Audio
4.5.2015 Gospel Questions: Why are you weeping? Sherouse John 20.1-18 Audio
3.29.2015 Gospel Questions: What are you doing? Sherouse Mark 11.1-11 Audio
3.22.2015 Gospel Questions: What should I say?  Father, save me? Sherouse John 12.20-33 Audio
3.15.2015 Gospel Questions: How can anyone be born again? Sherouse John 3.14-21 Audio
3.8.2015 Gospel Questions: What sign can you show us? Priddy John 2.13-22 Audio
3.1.2015 Gospel Questions: Who do you say that I am? Sherouse Mark 8.27-38 Audio
2.22.2015 Gospel Questions: What did you come to the desert to find? Sherouse Mark 1.9-15 Audio
2.15.2015 Lonely Places Sherouse Mark 1.40-45 Audio
2.8.2015 People Who Can Fly
scripture read by Kim Priddy
storytelling by Donald Miller
Sherouse Isaiah 40.21-31 Audio
2.1.2015 All Broken People Sherouse Mark 1.21-28 Audio
1.25.2015 The Grip on the Nets Sherouse Mark 1.14-20 Audio
1.18.2015 What Does God's Voice Sound Like? Harrington John 1.43-51;
I Samuel 3.1-20
1.11.2015 Heirs of the Baptizer Sumerel Genesis 1.1-5;
Mark 1.4-11
1.4.2015 Playing with Boxes Cothran Isaiah 60.1-6; Matthew 2.1-2, 10-11 Audio