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Lesley Ann Hix's Faith Statement

I know for certain that my calling is non-traditional.  In high school, I traveled to Hungary with my youth group to work with a community of Roma for a week.  I loved being there working with the Roma and I began to wonder if God's plans for me were to do mission work.  During the spring of 2010, right before I graduated from college, the FBC youth went to work alongside the same missionaries in Hungary I spent  time with five years earlier.  I found out that they were going to visit and perform for the same gypsy village where I spent my whole week.  I decided to send them with pictures I took of the girls with whom I had formed friendships.  When the group returned to the states, they told me the story of finding those girls and giving them the pictures.  Alex, Evi, Nikki, Juli and Andi cried when they got the pictures.  They remembered my name and wanted to know when I was coming back. 

I understand now that photography is a very important part of my calling.  It was also not until this trip—one I was not on—that I finally accepted my call to seminary.  I volunteered to help them keep a blog of their adventures so that everyone at home could keep up with them.  Their accounts became my daily devotional.  And one evening, after updating the website and looking through all the previous posts, I became overwhelmed with the desire to be right there with them, leading them, guiding them, learning from them, and experiencing God’s world with them.  I felt like something had grabbed a hold of me and would not let me go.  It wasn't that I wanted to be on this particular trip with this specific group.  I was really wanting to be out there doing that all the time.  I realized that I felt at home in that space, and as soon as I accepted and acknowledged that my next step was going to be seminary, whatever had been wrapped around me suddenly disappeared, and I was calm.  I was finally able to admit that I am called to ministry.

Now I'm at McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta, and I love every minute of it.  I found a place that is just as excited about my non-traditional calling as I am.  I am getting an Master of Divinity degree through their Global Christianity track.  When I'm done with school, I hope that I'll be able to work as photographer and documentarian for faith-based organizations around the world, telling their stories and good news for the rest of the world to hear.  I currently work part-time, alongside the admissions office, editing, designing, photographing, and producing their new online magazine.  I also do some freelance writing and photography work for CBF's Fellowship! magazine.  And when I can catch my breath, I apply for scholarships and take pictures of people's families and weddings.  First Baptist has been the place where I could explore my calling and grow in my faith.  If it weren't for the hands-on time I got with this church, I wouldn't have been able to hear God calling so loudly.

Last Published: October 11, 2012 4:42 PM