Current Committees Listing (PDF format)

May 17 Church Conference - The following Committee on Committees nominees were approved for the following positions:

  • Deacon:  Sharon Barlow, L. Cooper Harrell, Amy Knight, Molly Lyle, Holly Messick, Mark Miller, Jill Pegram, Tony Petitt, Anita Philpott, Martha Robison-Spangler, Jack Swanson, Brad Twigg.  Click here for the Deacon nominee bio sheet.
  • One year unexpired Deacon Term: Judyth White
  • Finance Committee: John Gee, Ron Hooper, Corie McRae, Ann Pember, David Stephens 
  • Two year unexpired Finance Committee Term: Natalie Smith
  • Church Clerk: Cynthia Markham
  • Assistant Treasurer: Jeannie Singley
  • Endowment Trust Trustee: Nancy Culclasure



Below is a list of persons currently serving and are not eligible for nomination.  For a complete listing of all persons serving as officers and on committees, please use the link above.

Lee Barnett
Randy Bowers
Chris Canipe
Louise Garcia
Debbie Garner

Dan Kennedy
Elaine McRae
Tammy Miller
Deanna Pegram

Davis Troxler, chair 
Frances Upchurch
Monica Vaughan
Judyth  White
2015 2016 2017

Gayle Adams
Chris Carter
Carolyn Clontz
Kristie Ellis
Jim Frost
Laura Lomax, Chair
Jim Plyler
Clyde Rudd
Kathy Sample
Robb Wells
Melinda Wood
Luther Yaun

Fred Binder
Jim Burch
Gene Cox
Nancy Culclasure
April Eller
Jennifer Hall
John Hardy, Jr.
Trish Hooper
Glenda Koger
Randy McDaniel
Stephen Porter
Ann Webb

Blaine Bradford
Kelly Cornett
Phil Hix
Perry Key
Rick Milligan
Lynda Grace Moore
Tom Petty
David Rowe
John Suggs
Cynthia Townes
Ben Turner
Anita Wilson

2015 2016 2017
Sandra Canipe
Tony Pettit
Larry Putnam
Jack Sharpe
Luther Yaun
Charlie Adams
Robert Angell
Phil Barbee
Bea Kay Powers
Richard Wiley
Shannon Childs
Kip Blakely
Darrell Chambers
Mark Messick
Linda Wayne
2015:  Bobbie Brown
2015:  Kay Crawford