Almost all activities for children (preschool & school age) happens on Sundays and Wednesdays.  We have a fun-filled schedule during the school year to engage your child in Bible study, Missions, Music, and more.  There are also special activities and events throughout the year and some are just for children and others are for the entire family.  We can help you find your place and look forward to seeing you at First Baptist.

Childcare is available for ages three years and younger on Sundays and Wednesdays during regularly scheduled events, as well as special church-wide events. The children's wing is a secure, locked area of our facility to provide extra comfort to parents to enjoy other provided programs.  Some special events require reservations for childcare.  Any questions regarding childcare or to make a reservations - -contact Ashley Gill Harrington, Interim Minister to Children and Families  -  click to email or 336.274.3286, x241.


Sunday School is offered every Sunday, 9:15 - 10:15 am for every member of your family.  Children's classes are available on the children's wing for children, birth through 5th grade. Click here for registration and safety information.

Bible knowledge,  BIble stories and understanding what all of these have to do with us is the point of Sunday School. Children and adults in specific age groupings meet weekly to study God's word with the goal of becoming Christ followers. Preschool and Children's classes utilize structured curriculum to explore the wonderful stories of the Bible.  All of the classes align closely to the Christian calendar and provide special emphasis throughout the year.

Preschool Sunday school is more than just "playing" with friends at church. There is real Bible Study and learning taking place each week. Carefully crafted lessons are prepared with young children in mind.- Classes utilize center-based lessons allowing children to interact with portions of the lesson in small group learning with different teachers. This means that children are encouraged to learn at their pace and in ways that both interest them and allow them to explore their world at their own pace. Chldren learn best by exploring their world and adding meaning and definition to what they encounter. For preschool children, much of their early learning is about vocabulary and sensory stimulation.

Center based learning is not only fun, but offers our children many opportunities to explore and expand their understanding of what is being taught. Be sure to talk to your child about what they learn when they are in Sunday School each week. You might be surprised how much they learn!

Children's Sunday School is for children 1st through 5th Grade. Throughout the first four years, children are led through Bible stories and Bible skills. Bible studies are sequenced to follow the Christian calendar (Jesus birth is studied during Advent, Easter story during lent, etc.) The fifth grade class completes a Bible survey course so that children can learn how the Bible stories fit into the overall scope of the BIblical narative. Elementary age children enjoy the opportunity to build relationships with friends while learning.  Many of the classes utilize group projects or hands-on learning as part of their weekly lessons.  Children are also challenged to master Bible skills through accomplishing hurdles each month.

Worship Education is a transition worship experience for our four and five year old children.  These children are in transition from being in the preschool nursery and now they are sitting in the sanctuary with their families during corporate worship.  Worship Education helps our new, young worshippers have the experience in the sanctuary, but also recognizes that they need a "worship" experience that they can understand.  About midway through worship, usually just before the sermon, children will leave the sanctuary with their adult leaders and head off to participate in Worship Education.  They gather on the first floor of the Children's wing.  The Worship Education room is located in a secure area and parents pick up their children immediately following worship.

Worship Education provides our four and five years olds with a special, age-specific Bible lesson experience that includes a Bible story, a Bible verse memorization activity and looking up the verse in the Bible, a craft relating to the Bible story, a game or two, and music!  This separate "worship" time is great for our four and five year olds - just ask them!

On Wednesday nights during the school year, children 3 years to 5th grade participate in our Children's ACCESS program.  The program begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 7:15 pm.  All activities are held in the Children's Wing.  Different  ages enjoy age appropriate activities from storytime to music to Orff instruments to play time to missions to crafts to special guest speakers.  Everyone has fun playing and learning.

Click to learn more about the FBC Music program for children.

Following Christ is a class offered to children who are seeking answers to questions about their faith and how to make a commitment in their lives to follow Jesus.  This class is offered each fall and each spring, and is recommended for children in 3rd-5th grades.  This class requires commitment from both the parent and child for the child to attend the 8 week sessions.  This class addresses those important faith commitment questions children are asking. 

Parents and children are also invited to meet in private counseling sessions with members of the Pastoral staff as children reach points of decision or have questions needing further exploration.   Contact Ashley Gill Harrington (274-3286 ext. 241) to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Children's Bible Drill is a program of scripture memorization and Bible skills training for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Children learn to use their Bibles as an encouragement for developing the life-long discipline of daily Bible reading. Verses for memorization are those whose truths are central to our faith and our beliefs as Baptists.  Bible Drill training begins in September and meets weekly until the spring when Bible Drill's for our church, Association, and State are held.  We encourage children to participate and have fun learning the scripture!

Weekly Bible Drill practice (September - April): Sundays at 6 pm, Room 226