At First Baptist, we are committed to following Jesus' example by welcoming children into our church family. During a child's infancy we covenant with parents to be partners with them in nurturing their child and in helping the child grow to know and love Jesus as friend, Savior, and Lord. Our varied programs for children are directed toward that end.

"People were bringing even infants to [Jesus] that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they sternly ordered them not to do it. But Jesus called for them and said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.'" Luke 18:15-16

Ministry Survey
Please take a few minutes to complete an online survey as we celebrate the good things happening and hear what you would like to see more of in our ministry to children. With the information you provide, we will be better equipped to walk alongside of your family as we care for them now and in the years to come. Your feedback is invaluable to us. 

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First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC is seeking a Children’s Minister to assume primary leadership of and responsibility for the spiritual formation and pastoral support of the church’s children and their families (birth to 5th grade).  The Children’s Minister will work as a part of the church’s existing pastoral team.

Educational Qualifications

Candidates should have a solid educational background.  A college-level bachelor’s degree is required, and a Masters of Divinity is preferred.
Necessary Prior Experience
Candidates should be able to demonstrate, through prior work experience, that they possess the skills necessary to effectively minister to children and their families.  The church will carefully consider prior experience in evaluating candidates.  Prior experience working with children in a congregational or organizational setting is required; prior experience serving as a minister to children (or a functionally-equivalent position) is preferred.

Important Characteristics
The church is looking for a patient, enthusiastic Children’s Minister who is affable and approachable.  The church wants a Children’s Minister who inspires children as well as parents and other adult volunteers.  As a result, candidates should possess strong communication and leadership skills.  They also should be able to adapt to the varying styles of learning and development that children tend to exhibit.  Finally, candidates should share the church’s commitment to scripture-based education and ministry.

Important Skills
Candidates should be creative, in terms of how to hold the attention of children and how to most effectively use available resources.  They should be comfortable with the use of technology in children’s ministry, including appropriate boundaries to prevent misuse of technology.  Finally, consistent with the church’s values, candidates should be flexible, open-minded, and willing to consider new ideas.  The church believes its children’s ministry will be most effective if it is evolving and dynamic, and wants to resist the comfort of inertia, while also giving appropriate respect to time-honored traditions.

First Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC was founded in 1859.  Located in the heart of the city, close to downtown, it has been a pillar of the community since its founding.  Although the church honors its traditional roots, it recognizes the value of progressive ideas.  This unique blend of traditional and progressive values contributes to the success of the church’s many ministries.

Presently, First Baptist has approximately 1700 members; typical weekly attendance ranges from 500 to 600.  The church has enjoyed growth over the last several years, and is poised for increased future growth, particularly in the young adult sector.  The church whole-heartedly believes that, to continue this trend of solid growth, it must focus significant energy and resources on its ministry to children and their families.

First Baptist is blessed with a strong pastoral team consisting of 8 ministers who work collaboratively with admirable collegiality.  The same can be said of the teachers and volunteers who work with the church’s children.  Among those who work with the Children’s Minister, a children’s ministry team composed of volunteers and parents provides primary support.  The Children’s Minister also works closely with the music ministry staff to support the church’s excellent children’s music programming, which includes having the children’s choirs serve as the worship service choir one Sunday each month.

childrensmin-vbs-assemblyWorship is the center of the church’s life.  The church’s sanctuary is quite large, allowing the church to offer a single worship service on Sunday mornings.  Although contemporary influences are used at times (interactive worship segments, for example), worship services are, on the whole, traditional and liturgical.  Still, services feature a relaxed tone designed to welcome and include broad cross-sections of the community.  

First Baptist supports an active children’s ministry program (birth to 5th grade), with an enrollment of approximately 104 and average weekly attendance of 45.  Sundays consist of morning Sunday school and worship education, as well as occasional evening activities.  Wednesday evenings include a family meal, followed by mission-based programs and children’s choir rehearsal.  Additional family programming and special events are scheduled periodically throughout the year.  First Baptist values Biblical education as part of its spiritual formation.  The church’s commitment to teaching the Bible is seen in its worship services, Sunday school curriculum, regular Bible study classes, and music education.  

First Baptist also offers a weekday school, which provides care and education to approximately 115 students annually.  The church employs a weekday school director who works closely with the Children’s Minister to build bridges between these programs.

Greensboro is the 3rd largest city in North Carolina, located in the center of the state.  Often described by residents as a “wonderful place to raise a family,” with small city convenience and larger city amenities, Greensboro also has been challenged by shifts in industry and significant socioeconomic diversity.  First Baptist is well poised for influence in Greensboro, and recently has placed greater emphasis on community ministry and missions as central to the church’s future.  The church is passionate about the interplay between the growth and health of our congregation and the growth and health of Greensboro at large.

First Baptist benefits from a strong network of denominational and ecumenical partners locally and nationally.  Within Baptist life, the church is primarily affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina.

I am delighted to be joining you at First Baptist Church! Ministering to children and their families is what I am passionate about and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so with you.staff-Ashley Gill Harrington

I felt called to ministry as a young teenager, and while in college I was given the opportunity to work in my home church. During that time, I saw in children’s ministry the intersection of my calling, my giftedness, and my passions. From there my call has continued to evolve, yet children and families have remained at the center. I love the energy and honesty that children bring to discovering faith, and I enjoy resourcing parents and caregivers with tools to bring the heart of faith development into their homes where they live each day.

During this time of interim, I hope to be a loving caregiver to help bridge the gap between the legacy of what was and the hope of what will be for the children and families of First Baptist Church. Though I know this is for a season, I look forward to the good days ahead as we work to welcome and nurture First Baptist’s youngest and treasured members.