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Kelly Stephens

In all cases, we encourage our church members to use their best judgment and exercise caution when deciding whether or not to travel to church during winter weather.  Any decision to change our normal schedule is made by the Pastor in consultation with other ministers and church leaders.  When considering change, we utilize the following guidelines.  If no change is posted, the schedule will continue as normal. 
Sunday Morning - Given the centrality of our corporate worship, we hardly ever close, and only in cases of the most severe weather.  Any change to the church schedule will be posted on the church website, the church Facebook page, and to local news by 7 am on Sunday morning.
Wednesdays and Weekdays - We rarely close, and do not directly follow the Guilford County Schools schedule. Any change to the schedule will be posted to the church website and local news by noon by Wednesday whenever possible.

Last Published: January 20, 2016 11:49 AM