ChildrensMin: Safety


Registration Forms:

At the beginning of your first visit, a registration form should be completed by the adult accompanying each child. The registration form serves multiple purposes, and as such is a vital part of our health and safety program. The registration form is maintained in a confidential manner with classroom teachers for their use in class preparation, contacting parents in the event of an emergency, and with building relationships with your child. Please be sure that any change of information is updated on your child's registration form.

/ Sign-Out:

Although it requires a trip to the children's wing, signing in your child and signing them out is an integral part of our security system. Special limited-access doors with timers and vigilent teachers ensure your child is safe when engaged in a Children's Ministry program. By having a responsible adult bring and pick up your child makes sure that each visit to the church is positive and safe.


Parents of children 3 years and younger will be issued a pager when they drop off their child. Pagers allow our parents to be contacted directly and quickly should a care need arise. Please note that the pagers are "vibration only" pagers and should be placed on your person such that you can feel the vibrations.

Security Doors:

All exterior doors and doors entering the Children's Wing are considered security doors and are secured for the protection of our children.  During the beginning moments of each gathering, limited access to the chidren's wing will be granted to parents and guardians of our children.   Should you need to gain access to the Children's Wing at other times, please go through the "Atrium" of the church unless other arrangements have been made. A door bell is beside each security door for you to alert a teacher.  Only authorized adults will be allowed to enter the area during programming. 
Adult volunteers and staff:
All adult volunteers and staff are regularly trained in how best to teach and care for children.  Developmentatlly appropriate instruction and resources are provided to assure the best learning environment for our young friends.  Additionally, all adults working with children and youth are regularly screened through background checks and interviews.
Last Published: September 19, 2014 11:21 AM