F.R.O.N.T. 2014

Next Session: The August session "The Bible's Story" is being rescheduled.

Join our FRONT 2014 class!  The NEW 2014 version of FRONT is designed to bring in-depth study opportunities to more of the FBC family.  A one month study will be offered each quarter.  FRONT is designed to give anyone who desires a richer and multidimensional view of the founding of our faith.

Coming Soon! FRONT: The Bible's Story

We turn to the Bible in order to experience the word of God, to be inspired, to be comforted, to find direction in life, and to enter the grand narrative of God's intervention in the history of God's own children. However, it is important to remember that the Bible has its own history and fascinating story of how it came to be the book we hold so dear today. We know Bible stories, but how well do we know the story of the Bible? Topics will include: current scholarship on biblical authorship, the turbulent history of canonization, the proliferation and ramifications of mass translations, and many, many more.  Led by Robb Wells.