ACCESS - "Growth Experiences for where you are in life."

What is ACCESS?
ACCESS is a formative experience on Wednesday nights offered by FBC and the surrounding neighborhood community.  These growth experiences will focus on elements of life that matter to all ages. 

What seminars are available? 

ACCESS - Wednesday nights, 6:15-7:15 pm

  • Women's Group - Kick off the New Year right by fulfilling that resolution with yoga and meditation for all levels and experience. Our very own fitness instructor, Kim Bolton, will lead us each week in a time of centering our mind, body and spirit. Feel free to invite a friend!  Cafe
  • Pastor's Round Table - This weekly discussion-based Bible Study will be facilitated by one of our pastors and focused on the weekly scripture passages in our sermon and worship service. We call it a table, because we seek to learn through dialogue and discussion. We call it round, because all seats are equidistant from the center and all voices are welcome. 102
  • “Being Mortal” by Dr. Atul Gawande: A Community Book Study Event - Join this book study to learn more about reclaiming the meaning of life and death, both individuallly and culturally. George Fuller and Laura Lomax will facililtate.
    • Jan 6: Introduction of the book and general small group and plenary group conversation about the impact the book is having in our culture and in our individual lives.
    • Jan. 13: The “Frontline” PBS documentary, “Being Mortal” will be viewed and discussed.
    • Jan. 20: A panel consisting of a Hospice practitioner, physicians, a pastor and ethicist, will discuss the scope of the book from various perspectives.
    • Jan. 27: The second small group and plenary group discussion of the book focusing on the latter parts of the book.
    • Feb. 3: A time for participants to share their narratives and an opportunity for participants to prepare Healthcare Power of Attorney and Advance Directives documents.
  • Bible Study: Mining the Old Testament for Resurrection Hope - Is our Christian hope for life in the hereafter based entirely upon the teachings of the New Testament? Or are there indications throughout the Bible? This study will explore major components of the Old Testament for evidence of an emerging conviction about life after death. We will investigate the Pentateuch (“the Law”) and the Prophets, plus the Psalms and other “wisdom literature” such as Job. Steve Pressley will teach the study, which will continue through February 3.  Led by Steve Pressley | Chapel

Kids ACCESS - Wednesday nights, 6:15-7:15 pm (September - May):

  • Children participate in music, missions and fun activities.

When do they meet?
Adult ACCESS, Wednesday nights, 6-7 pm during summer months & 6:15-7:10 pm September-May
Kids ACCESS, Wednesday nights (September-May), 6:15-7:15 pm

Where do they meet?
Classes meet in a variety of rooms (classrooms, fellowship hall, Chapel, etc.) as scheduled.

How much are the seminars?
There is typically no cost to ACCESS classes, unless a special dinner is included with the event or a speaker is brought in to lead the study.  There may be an occasional cost for materials/books, but it is based on the class topic.

How do I register?
Most classes do no require registration.   If you do need to register for a class topic, click here to email the education office or call 274-3286, extension 288.

Who can I contact if have more questions?
Adult ACCESS:  Steve Sumerel, Associate Pastor, Adult Learning  |  Email
Kids or Family ACCESS:  Ashley Gill Harrington, Interim Minister to Children and Families  |  Email