ACCESS - "Growth Experiences for where you are in life."

What is ACCESS?
ACCESS is a formative experience on Wednesday nights offered by FBC and the surrounding neighborhood community.  These growth experiences will focus on elements of life that matter to all ages. 

What seminars are available? 

ACCESS - Wednesday nights, 6:15-7:15 pm

  • Women's Study Group - All women of all ages are invited to this Study Group.  This fall the group will tackle and discuss hot topic issues of being a women.  In the past, the converations have been enriched by the intergenerational dialogue. Cafe
    • Sept 9 - What is my legacy?
    • Sept 16 - Asking for Help
    • Sept 23 - Being an Authentic, Compassionate Church
    • Sept 30 - Healthy Discussions in a healthy Church.
  • Round Table Bible Discussion - If you have ever wanted to have the opportunity to sit down with the pastor and discuss her/her sermon or the pasage that he/she preached on ... well, now this is your opportunity.  Each Wednesday evening, Alan will lead a round table discussion on the focal passage from the previous Sunday's sermon.  The format will allow everyone the opportunity to explore and discover new insights from the passage in a very personal way.  It is Alan's hope and prayer that everyone regardless of age, life situation, or previous church experience will find a place at the table. 102
  • Friendship At The Margins - This group will read and discuss the book, "Friendship at the Margins."  Our completeness in Christ is found in the interchange made possible in heart-to-heart relationships with people made in the image of God.  Are our missions opportunities task-oriented or helping us to develop relationships?  We will explore how to navigate these new relationships by those in our community who do it all the time.  Led by Kim Priddy |102
    • If you have any questions about this book or any of our missions opportunities, please contact Kim - Email | x295
  • Bible Study of Zechariah - A chapter by chapter examination of the Prophecy of Zechariah.  The prophecy was penned around 520 B.C., a mere two months after Zechariah's contemporary Haggai had written to urge Jews recently from the Babylonian exile to rebuild the Temple.  While the people made ready to "rise up and build" (Nehemiah 2:18), Zechariah urged them to repent, reform and revive as they did.  Their movement was weakened, their cultural enemies were many, and life -- while interesting -- would be far from easy.  In no case, however, should they lose hope for the future.  Known as "the prophet of long vision," Zechariah assured them that "at evening time ther shall be light" (14:7).  Led by Steve Pressley | Chapel

Kids ACCESS - Wednesday nights, 6:15-7:15 pm (September - May):

  • Children participate in music, missions and fun activities.

When do they meet?
Adult ACCESS, Wednesday nights, 6-7 pm during summer months & 6:15-7:10 pm September-May
Kids ACCESS, Wednesday nights (September-May), 6:15-7:15 pm

Where do they meet?
Classes meet in a variety of rooms (classrooms, fellowship hall, Chapel, etc.) as scheduled.

How much are the seminars?
There is typically no cost to ACCESS classes, unless a special dinner is included with the event or a speaker is brought in to lead the study.  There may be an occasional cost for materials/books, but it is based on the class topic.

How do I register?
Most classes do no require registration.   If you do need to register for a class topic, click here to email the education office or call 274-3286, extension 288.

Who can I contact if have more questions?
Adult ACCESS:  Steve Sumerel, Associate Pastor, Adult Learning  |  Email
Kids or Family ACCESS:  Ashley Gill Harrington, Interim Minister to Children and Families  |  Email