ACCESS - "Growth Experiences for where you are in life."

What is ACCESS?
ACCESS is a formative experience on Wednesday nights offered by FBC and the surrounding neighborhood community.  These growth experiences will focus on elements of life that matter to all ages. 

What seminars are available? 

Adult ACCESS - Wednesday nights, 6:15-7:10 pm, Spring 2014

  • Acting on Faith (ends in April)  A series highlighting the good work of our many ministry teams and mission efforts.  The first sessions will look at the problem of hunger and food security in our community with Rev. Mike Aiken, Director of G.U.M. speaking on January 8.  Each week through January and into February, ministry teams addressing hunger will share their work.  Each of these presentations will end with a time of prayer for those involved in the ministry and for those the ministry is seeking to serve.  Representatives of the WE! Shelter, StepUp, Grace Fellowship meal, Meals of Wheels, and others will each have an opportunity to share. 102
  • Bible Study - The Three Kings of the Old Testament Focus on selected passages from the Old Testament books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.  "Good Kings, Bad Kings" will consider what may be learned about the three monarachs of Israel's United Monarchy - Saul, David, and Solomon.  What were their spiritual legacies?  What went wrong with King Saul?  In what ways was David both great and weak?  Was Solomon as wise as his reputation suggests? 
    Led by Steve Pressley, Chapel
  • High Maintenance Relationships The class which began last fall for young mothers is expanding its focus.  The class is now open to women of all ages regardless of parenting status. This group will use Les Parrott's, High Maintenance Relationships as the discussion guide.  Kelly and Becky describe the focus of the session:  Some of life's most irritating frustrations come from the people around us - spouses, kids, coworkers, neighbors, friends....  Relationships can be blessings, but also challenges.  This weekly study for women will look at strategies we can use to build and keep healthy relationships with everyone, even those who challenge us.  Facilitated by Kelly Cornett and Becky Starnes, Cafe
  • FRONT: Between the Testaments The Spring mini-semester of FRONT will be on Wednesday nights in May.  Brad Twigg will lead the sessions.  The class will go on a journey of understanding the complex history of the Hebrew people that bridges the narrative of the Old and the New Testaments of our Bible.  The trajectory of this history is set in motion by the accounts of the hostile occupations and exiles of the Old Testament, and connects us with the needed context to grasp the cultural, political, and religious dynamics at play as Jesus came upon the scene.  Led by Brad Twigg, 102.

Kids ACCESS - Wednesday nights, 6:15-7:15 pm (September - May):

  • Children participate in music, missions and fun activities.

When do they meet?
Adult ACCESS, Wednesday nights, 6-7 pm during summer months & 6:15-7:10 pm September-May
Kids ACCESS, Wednesday nights (September-May), 6:15-7:15 pm

Where do they meet?
Classes meet in a variety of rooms (classrooms, fellowship hall, Chapel, etc.) as scheduled.

How much are the seminars?
There is typically no cost to ACCESS classes, unless a special dinner is included with the event or a speaker is brought in to lead the study.  There may be an occasional cost for materials/books, but it is based on the class topic.

How do I register?
Most classes do no require registration.   If you do need to register for a class topic, click here to email the education office or call 274-3286, extension 288.

Who can I contact if have more questions?
Adult ACCESS: email Steve Sumerel, Pastor, Adult Learning
Kids or Family ACCESS:  email Virginia Reynolds, Assistant Pastor, Preschool/Children